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Jun 3, 2021

OQ Technology To Build a LEO Satellite Control Center In Luxembourg

Ground Station

"Photo courtesy of Fleet Space Technologies"

Luxembourg - 03.06.2021 OQ Technology has contracted Leaf Space to procure a satellite ground station to be installed in Luxembourg and connect to OQ’s newly established satellite control center in Leudelange.

As part of the MACSAT program, OQ Technology has moved to a new location in Leudelange and started equipping its offices with the essential equipment needed for satellite operations. The company is aiming to launch a very advanced satellite mission (MACSAT) dedicated to 5G Internet-of-Things and massive machine communication. The control center will be used to monitor and control the satellite and will be a cornerstone towards operating a fleet of satellites in future.

The ground station (from Leaf Space) is planned to be installed in Bascharage (few km away from OQ control center). The location is suitable as it is in central Europe and can give access and support to critical passes of the satellite. OQ Technology is also anticipating to use the ground station and its operations capabilities to support other third party missions.

The in-orbit pathfinder mission (MACSAT) aims to foster Luxembourg and European space industry partnerships. This contract was funded by the Government of Luxembourg through an ESA contract in the Luxembourg National Space programme (LuxIMPULSE).

About OQ Technology: OQ Technology is the world’s first 5G IoT satellite operator and provides global cellular Internet-of-Things and Machine-to-Machine communication solutions through satellites. The company has successfully implemented and tested Narrowband IoT connectivity over Low Earth Orbit satellites and is deploying a global constellation to provide 5G IoT telecommunication services for mobile operators and customers in industries such as energy, mining, logistics, maritime, agriculture, and defense (www.oqtec.space)

About Leaf Space: Leaf Space is pioneering the concept of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) for forward-thinking satellite and launch operators around the world. Since its inception in 2014, Leaf Space has focused on developing the highest quality ground station services and technology with the goal of creating the most efficient and valuable ground segment solutions available on the modern space market.

Control RoomControl Room

Leaf Space ground station antenna installation on roofLeaf Space ground station antenna installation on roof

OQ Premises in LuxembourgOQ Premises in Luxembourg

OQ Premises in Luxembourg 2OQ Premises in Luxembourg 2

Ground StationGround Station
"Photo courtesy of Fleet Space Technologies"

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