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May 24, 2021

First Satellite 5G IoT Modem Revealed

5G IoT Modem

OQ's credit card sized satellite 5G IoT modem

OQ Technology provides users with 5G IoT connectivity service combined with a full product. We will be opening soon our different products for orders. One of these products is the satellite modem: A credit card-sized satellite modem that gives access to our 5G satellite constellation service.

Developed by our partner in Luxembourg under the LuxImpulse program, it will host OQ Technology proprietary NB-IoT software stack (direct-to-satellite). A user who requires access to our low earth orbit satellite 5G IoT service will require the modem. This represents the first available 5G IoT NTN modem (non-terrestrial networks) discussed by 3GPP in Release 17.

It covers wide band range of S-band on both uplink and downlink and has many other unique capabilities. The modem is at its final stages of testing and development and will be available soon for orders.

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