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May 2, 2023


Embedded Software Engineer

With our groundbreaking satellite 5G constellation, OQ Technology is a global leader in the domain of IoT communication connectivity and associated services. We are a venture capital-backed company with a successful track record of satellite launches and the first company in the world to disrupt the telecommunication industry by merging cellular 5G with satellites.

Our technology will have massive implications for the Oil & Gas, Maritime, Industry 4.0, and Transport segments, particularly for the management and tracking of assets in remote and rural areas and for extending 5G coverage through non-terrestrial networks.

As our wireless technologies are constantly evolving and winning multiple awards, with funding for the next phase secured, and commercial traction demonstrated, we are now looking to onboard a talented Embedded Software Engineer.

Job Location

Luxembourg, Greece or Saudi Arabia

Starting date

May 2023

Job Type

Full Time – Permanent Employment

Key Responsibilities:

Responsibilities and Tasks:

The list below includes, but is not limited to, the task and responsibilities of the candidate.

The Company may assign the Employee to any other job or task if it believes it is in its best interests to do so. - Design and optimize (hands-on) features of the full telecommunication software stack including the digital part and baseband processing part from a system perspective. - Identify requirements, and participate in design & specification generation activities. - Design and implement algorithms on a network level for communication applications. - Generate creative, technically sound solutions, and rapidly prototype them to support proof-of-concept experiments. - Review of standards and explore modern wireless and telecommunication standards. - Design modem systems based on wireless standards and product requirements and set system performance targets for wireless subsystems. - Implementation of the telecommunication algorithms using C/C++, MATLAB, or VHDL. - Interface with RF front-end hardware supplier to ensure consistency of telecom solution architecture with modem system requirements, such as RF performance, system control architecture, HW /SW interface architectures, and long-term technology roadmaps. - Develop system performance models and drive cross-functional system engineering tasks related to system performance optimization. - Simulation and tests of the system components in the lab or software or hardware or other environments. - Interfacing with the space and payload system engineers for payload/terminal development. - Test the implemented solutions in a lab and in the field. - Contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the internal lab - Interact with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with a wide range of skill sets including but not limited to: software development, firmware development, hardware development, data analysis, and RF design - Work with a multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of skill sets including but not limited to: software development, firmware development, algorithms development data analysis, and RF design - Explore modern techniques and unconventional methods for algorithm design and problem-solving. - Participate in project management and planning activities. - Contribute to ESA technical documentation for project reviews. - Working with external partners, contractors, and research institutes. - Regular reporting of the follow-up of tasks. - Participate and contribute to Design and development activities related to but not limited to the telecommunication system of any future missions such as the Tiger mission (or any other assigned mission) in a capacity the company sees fit. - Any other tasks that the Company requests